Updated January 7, 2019

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"Boyds Uncle Bean's Treasure Boxes"
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Virginia's Friends Welcome Pineapple with Homer McNibble
A symbol of hospitality, this pineapple truly is home "sweet" home. Especially to Homer McNibble who live happily inside holding his very own little miniature house.
Item #4015202
2.5" Tall
Now $7.50


Tilly's Watering Can with Digger McNibble
There's a little gardner in everyone! For those who love the smell of flowers, or just to look at them, or those who like to get down and dirty...Tilly's Watering Can brings inspiration to any gardner! But for those who like to get down and dirty... have no fear because Digger McNibble is hiding inside, waitin' to help ya with yer gardenin' chores!
Item #4015203
3.25" Tall
Now $7.50


Granny Mae's Teapot with Cammy McNibble
A sip of tea makes all yer worries...(and colds!) go away! Especially when its from Granny Mae's beautiful Teapot. Just make sure ya don't drink Cammy McNibble who's sittin' inside with her own tiny cup of tea!
Item #4015204
1.5" Tall
Now $7.50


Juliet's Bouquet of Love with Rosey McNibble
There's nothin' quite like a big beautiful bouquet of flowers from the one ya love! Juliet's Bouquet of Love is burstin' with gorgeous roses and lilies...and a tiny Rosey McNibble sitting inside!
Item #4015213
3.5" Tall
Now $7.50


Ellie's Up & Away Balloon with Skye McBibble
Item #4016642
Now $8.25


Percy's Airplane with Wings McBibble
Item #4016643
Now $11.00


Santa Hedge 'n Claus
Santa Hedge 'n Claus holiday treasure box with tiny red hedgehog inside.
Item #4016656
Now $6.00


Ollie Hedge 'n Claus
Ollie Hedge n' Claus holiday elf treasure box with tiny orange hedgehog inside.
Item #4016659
Now $6.00


Nana Betty's Cupcake with Sweetie McBibble
Pink frosted cupcake with mouth-watering whipped cream and sprinkle details and a cherry on top. Home to Sweetie McBibble holding her very own tiny pink cupcake.
Item #4017969
Now $8.25

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