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~ Boydsville Village ~
Miniature Villages with removable roofs and floors.
Whimsical sculpted messages inside every rooftop.
Miniature removable Boyds Bear characters depict everyday life in "Boydsville".
A Miniature Village Where Boyds Bears Live, Work and Play!
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Boydsville Village Sign
Folks will always know where they are headin' when they get a gander at the official Boydsville Villages sign!
Fall 2009
Item #4015168
3.25" Tall
Now $5.00


Pastor John's Woodland Church
Way up north, nestled deep inside the woods, sits Pastor John's Woodland Church. As the mornin' sun casts its colorful rays across the ol' wooden pews, Pastor John stands ready at his pulpit, preparin' the sermon for his devoted congregation. Altar attendant Jacob stands at the ready...waitin' to greet each member of the parsonage as they arrive to hear Pastor John's inspirin' message of love, hope and faith.
Fall 2009
Item #4015169
4.75" Tall
Now $12.50


Mr. and Mrs. Sitaspells Ol' Grey Farm House
As the sun sets and night falls across Boydsville, Mr. and Mrs. Sitaspell enjoy nothing more than enjoyin' a little peace and quiet in front of the ol' brick fireplace while the little one sleeps upstairs. Ya see, life on the farm ain't always easy between tendin' to the crops and the herds and chasin' after the youngin's, folks sure can get tired. But if ya ask the Sitaspell's, nothings more satisfying than putting in an honest days work, surrounded by the ones ya love.
Fall 2009
Item #4015170
3.25" Tall
Now $12.50


Mrs. Applesworth's School of Book Learnin'
Ya just can't mention Boydsville School of Book Learnin' without mentioning Mrs. Applesworth. Heck, she's been teachin' there for as long as folks can remember! Known always to have a book in hand and a dusting of chalk on her dress, she's runs a tight ship, often telling her students, "If you're not here to learn, then you're in the wrong place!" Don't believe it? Well just ask Little Tommy Bearsworth. You'll find him sittin' upstairs, wearin' a dunce cap and lamenting over his "less than acceptable" classroom behavior. If ya listen real close, you might just hear him mumblin' "A, B, C, D, E, F, J, G....don't know why the teacher is always pickin' on me!"
Fall 2009
Item #4015171
3.75" Tall
Now $12.50


Farmer Jed's Big Red Barn
If ya ask Farmer Jed, he'll tell ya that early to bed, early to rise, may make a man healthy, wealthy and wise...but mostly it just plain makes him tired! Such is the life for a farmer in the Village of Boydsville. While city folks, dressed in their fanciest duds, head out to their high falootin' offices every morning, Farmer Jed and his son, Little Jed Junior, make their way to their office...their Big Red Barn. No shufflin' papers or tendin' to matters of high finance here. No Siree...instead Farmer Jed spends his days cleanin' out the horse stalls on the first floor while Junior tends to the chickens in the loft.
Fall 2009
Item #4015172
3.5" Tall
Now $12.50

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