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Camille Beckman® Products, We Have Typed The Following Information Directly From A Sales Training Manual Published By Camille For Her Retailers.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Key Ingredients Utilized In The Creation Of Camille's Bath And Body Products Along With A Few Words About Why They Are Chosen.
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1. GLYCERINE - Camille's Vegetable Based Glycerine Is A Sweet Fluid Similar In Appearance And Consistency To Light Corn Syrup. It Attracts And Holds Moisture In The Outer Layer Of The Skin.

2. SWEET ALMOND OIL - A Treasured Oil From Ancient Times, Almond Oil Lubricates The Skin's Outer Layers, Adding Both Emolliency And Suppleness, Giving Skin A Healthy Glow.

3. VITAMIN E - Is Very Important In Protecting The Body Tissues From Prematurely And Abnormally Breaking Down. This Is Where Vitamin E Gets The Great Reputation Of Slowing The Aging Process.

4. ALOE VERA GEL - Used By Camille Beckman Mainly For The Essential Amino Acids Which Reportedly Stimulate Water Absorption Into The Skin.

5. BOTANICAL EXTRACT BLENDS - Camille Beckman Products Utilize Various Herbs From All Over The World, Blended For Their Individual Qualities Of Healing, Softening, Soothing And Protective Characteristics.

6. COLORS - Only Food Colorings Are Used To Tint Camille Beckman Creams And Lotions.

Additional Notes About Camille's Products...

1. New Products Are Tested on Men And Women Volunteers - Not Animals.

2. Camille Beckman Products Are Created, Manufactured And Tested In Boise, Idaho.

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