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Updated September 27, 2020

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Fun Club Novelty Pen Sets

At Dreams & Rainbows

5 Black Ink Ballpoint Pens Per Set
A different message on each pen.


Complimentary Pen Set
You Are Very Easy To Like
You're Having An Amazing Hair Day
You Are Appreciated Big Time
Your Jokes Are Hilarious
You Are Crazy Mega Smart
Item #PEN1
In Stock!


Demotivational Pen Set
You've Already Peaked
Everyone's Judging You
You're For Sure Getting Fired
That Idea Is Garbage
Your Face Is Weird
Item #PEN2
In Stock!


Work Sucks Pen Set
Never Too Early To Start Dreading Monday
I'm Starting To Feel Sick Tomorrow
This Meeting Could Have Been An Email
Same Thing, Different Day
Personally Victimized By My Daily Alarm Clock
Item #PEN3
In Stock!


F*uck It All Pen Set
F*uck That
F*uck This
F*uck It
F*uck Me
F*uck You
Item #PEN4
In Stock!


Adulthood Pen Set
Very Reluctant Adult
Growing Up Was The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done
Love Of Cancelled Plans
I Need An Adultier Adult
So Much For Knowing Everything When I'm Older
Item #PEN5
In Stock!


Teachers Pen Set
Coffee. Teach. Wine. Repeat
Dreaming Of Summer Break
Grade Now, Cry Later
I Teach Therefore I Drink
Teaching For The Money And Fame
Item #PEN6
In Stock!


Parenting Pen Set
It Takes A Village And A Vineyard
Sorry I'm Late I Have Kids
I Love My Ungrateful Children
My Parenting Style Is Called Suvivalist
RIP Sleeping In
Item #PEN7
In Stock!


Dog Lovers Pen Set
Dogs > People
Ask Me About My Dog
Sorry I Can't, I Have Plans With My Dog
Hi, Can I Pet Your Dog?
Dogs Are Cheaper Than Therapy
Item #PEN9
In Stock!


Nurses Pen Set
Best Freaking Nurse Ever
I Miss Sitting Down
Here To Save Your Butt, Not Kiss It
I Know I Look Tired, Thanks
Can't Fix Stupid, But We Can Sedate It
Item #PEN11
In Stock!


College Pen Set
Lucky Exam Pen
It's Fine. I'm Fine. Everything's Fine
May Your College Memories Last As Long As Your Student Loans
The Early Morning Class Was A Bad Idea
Item #PEN12
In Stock!


Bachelorette Pen Set
RIP Your Slutty Years
Woo! Same Genitals Forever!
Talk About A Ho Into A Housewife
Let's Get Weird!
Item #PEN13
In Stock!


Bridal Pen Set
Cutest Couple Ever
OMG! You're Getting Freaking Married!
World's Most Beautiful Bride
Something Blue
Congrats, You Magical Woman
Item #PEN14
In Stock!


Anxiety Pen Set
PMG Are You Mad At Me?
BRB, Let Me Overthing This
Even My Anxiety Has Anxiety
I Came, I Saw, I Had Anxiety So I Left
Can't Wait To Worry About Everything Today!
Item #PEN15
In Stock!


Customer Service Pen Set
The Customer Is Always Wrong
Outward Smiles Inward Screams
Sorry. I'm On My Break
I Don't Know. I Just Work Here.
Here To Help! JK. Please Leave Me Alone
Item #PEN17
In Stock!


Reefer Madness Pen Set
Can't Buy Happiness But Can Buy Cannabis
Herb Nerd
It's 4:20 Somewhere
Home Is Where The Weed Is
Nugs And Kisses
Item #PEN18
In Stock!


Welcome To The Shit Show Pen Set
Not Thriving, Just Surviving
Welcome To The Shit Show
Hot Mess Express
Maybe Today, Satan
What Fresh Hell Is This
Item #PEN19
In Stock!


Sarcasm Pen Set
Sarcasm Is My Love Language
I'm Just A Bright Ray Of Sarcasm
Sarcasm Is Another One Of My Great Personality Traits
I Wish Sarcasm Was Available As A Font
Sarcasm Is The Brain's Defense Against Stupid People
Item #PEN20
In Stock!


Millennial Pen Set
Millennials: Walking Around Like They Rent The Place
Still Very, Very Cool & Hip
So, We Just Like All Have Anxiety, Right?
How Are There So Many Bills?
I Ate Avocado Toast And Now I'm Homeless
Item #PEN21
In Stock!

Dreams And Rainbows Is Pleased To Offer Free UPS Ground Or U.S. Postal Service Shipping, Within The U.S. Or To APO/FPO Addresses, On All Fully Priced Orders Of $50.00 or Higher!
Lesser Orders Within The Same Territories Will Be Charged A Shipping Fee Of $10.00.
Other Areas Are Charged Actual Shipping By Your Chosen Means Of Delivery.

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If You Prefer To Contact Us By Other Than Email Or Our Order Form, Please Feel Free To At:
(928) 757-7141 - Telephone
(928) 757-3105 - 24 Hour Fax

We Are Located At:
3633 Stockton Hill Rd.
Kingman, Az 86409

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